Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trotting along.

Still been riding the little Arab gelding from my last post and he is doing very well. We just finished ride 6 this afternoon. The last 2 rides, I have taken him out to the country to put some miles on him. He is getting much better about being spooky and really covers the ground when he moves out. His lope is like nothing I have ever ridden, it is just so big for such a little horse. His stop is really good and he is even beginning to learn how to slow his gaits when I ask him to. Worked on trotting some circles today and it didn't take him long to just relax right down into them. Before I was done, he was trotting around with his head down on a semi-loose rein. Started to introduce neck-reining a little bit but not enough that he really understands yet. Maybe next ride.

Now I am anxiously awaiting my next horse from a customer in Abilene. I am really enjoying this.

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  1. Jen, I'm really enjoying reading your progress as you start out your career as a professional horse trainer. Please keep the blog posts coming. Even if I don't always comment, know that I am reading and am benefiting from reading about a fellow aspiring horse trainer. Good luck! Keep up the great work!